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Benefit of Wood Recycling

Nowadays there is the increasing number of wood waste in some countries each year (around 8 million tons in the UK and 63 millions metric in the US), so wood recycling is needed without doubt. As the concern of wood waste problem, wood recycling facilities can be seen in some areas but they are not provided as much as another material such as plastic, metal and cardboard recycling. As the availability of wood recycling is limited, most of wood products are sent to landfills each year. Those products are kind of rubble in construction site, pallets, landscaping debris which can relate to a logging, etc. To not waste wood for nothing, there is the number of benefits that can gain by recycling wood waste from landfills as much as possible. By recycling wood, the environmental impact can be reduced and it is also the preservation of natural resources. From now on, there are some benefits which can be seen clearly from wood recycling. Firstly, there are the benefits for environmental. Animal species and plants are saved their habitats as they are ruined by the impact devastation of logging and soil will not be destroyed so that the effect on erosion and landscape changes will not occur. Moreover, wood recycling is very useful to decrease the big issue of the world situation lately which is global warming but wood recycling can wipe out this effect obviously. Many live trees will be preserved and greenhouse gas will be deducting. As natural process, trees naturally use carbon dioxide during photosynthesis so that they help to compensate greenhouse gases from other sources. To be the result, the carbon is converted into oxygen by the tree instead of letting it go through the ozone layer. Secondly, the supplies of woodland will be preserving. Recycling wood helps to preserve tree species. There will still have remaining forests and that they will be protected from endanger. Moreover, decimated tree species are allowed to reform themselves slowly over the time so that they can be available for next generations. Lastly, landfill use will be reducing. As landfills are filled with wood waste each year, existing landfills will reach to capacity someday. Accordingly, wood recycling can definitely help to reduce and limit capacity of landfills. When those woods are recycled to be a product, it can also make the income because there are a number of markets available for all kinds of recycled wood.

Tips & Facts for Wood Recycling & Disposal

How to Dispose of Treated Wood

Pressure-treated wood is widely used in many building projects such as fences, tables, furniture, porches, decks and so on. It is kind of popular material because of its advantage. As the advantage of treated wood, mold, mildew, insects and deterioration will be resisted. Moreover, wood can be lasts for many years; according to the fact […]

Uses of Recycled Wood

Wood is the material which can always be recycled. From any buildings which are demolished, woods can be reused in a new construction about 40 percent. Moreover, wood items from house are quite useful. Those wood items can be made into any new useful projects for using in your household again. Accordingly, any woods which […]

How to Build a Custom Shelf Unit from Recycled Wood

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How to Recycle Wood

Wood recycling is a good way to reuse woods wastes which are given away to landfills. Wood recycling makes those woods to be kept as useful things out of landfills. Wood can be reused in many ways. Wood recycling is good for the economy and creates additional businesses by creating innovative uses as recycled wood […]