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Cleveland, OH - Wood Recycling & Disposal Centers


Cuyahoga Environmental Council

3333 West 73rd Street, Cleveland, OH 44102
(216) 631-1010

Metro Disposal

8101 Union Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44105
(888) 473-7330

Pete and Pete Container Service, Inc.

4830 Warner Road, Cleveland, OH 44125
(216) 441-4422

Habitat for Humanity Restore

6920 Union Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44105
(216) 429-1299

Boyas Excavating, Incorporated Drop-Off Site

11311 Rockside Road, Cleveland, OH 44125
(216) 524-3620

Tips & Facts for Wood Recycling & Disposal

How to Dispose of Treated Wood

Pressure-treated wood is widely used in many building projects such as fences, tables, furniture, porches, decks and so on. It is kind of popular material because of its advantage. As the advantage of treated wood, mold, mildew, insects and deterioration will be resisted. Moreover, wood can be lasts for many years; according to the fact […]

Uses of Recycled Wood

Wood is the material which can always be recycled. From any buildings which are demolished, woods can be reused in a new construction about 40 percent. Moreover, wood items from house are quite useful. Those wood items can be made into any new useful projects for using in your household again. Accordingly, any woods which […]

How to Build a Custom Shelf Unit from Recycled Wood

Wood recycling helps the trees to be conserved. By recycling wood, there will be decreasing number of new trees to be cut down. For wood recycling, there are many creative ways to reuse or produce those waste woods into useful products as wood is a material which is mostly used in most households. To build […]

How to Recycle Wood

Wood recycling is a good way to reuse woods wastes which are given away to landfills. Wood recycling makes those woods to be kept as useful things out of landfills. Wood can be reused in many ways. Wood recycling is good for the economy and creates additional businesses by creating innovative uses as recycled wood […]